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16 July 2012

Combustible lemon

Combustible lemon.

While playing the game Portal 2
The voice over guy in the game 'Cave Johnson' spouts off about life giving you lemons then goes on to say how he wants his engineers to make combustible lemons. 

So for my Halloween costume i decided i wanted some combustible lemons.

So to start. 
 I found some very cheap grenades in a toy shop for 99p each, they have a pull pin which when released and the spoon depressed there is a ticking sound then an explosion sound effect.  

I got two fake lemons from the interwebs.

 I unscrewed the two halves and cut the shell off above the patterned body of the grenade, keeping the speaker and wires intact.

I did this on both sides of the grenade shell and screwed the remaining parts back together.

I cut the top off the fake lemon and found that it had concrete of some kind in the middle so i had to carve that out so that the batteries and wiring could fit inside.  

Then i epoxied the top of the grenade onto the lemon body and waited for it all to dry. 

Once dry i drew up some warning signs and hazardous signs and stuck them all over the spoon and lemon to make it look more realistic.
I also stuck a aperture logo on the side of the lemon to brand it. 

Then my combustible lemon grenades were complete! 

thanks for reading.