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14 July 2012

Stormtrooper Binders

 I am a huge star wars fan and have many star wars props from blasters to helmets to the full Stormtrooper armour. 

so to compliment my trooper armour i decided to build a pair of trooper binders. 
i found a reference image on a card from a card game.

these are the imperial equivalent of handcuffs. 

i started by drawing some plans in illustrator to look like the images i have seen. 

i came up with a design where there were four layers of plastic with two extending on the outer two and two extending on the inner two layers to make the hinge.

 i glued all the layers together to make the cuffs. 

the hinge was created by drilling a hole through all the hinge sections and a wire peg being inserted, there was no glue used as it was a tolerance fit so there was some resistance.

once all were glued together and dry you get a good idea of what they will look like.  

i then sprayed them with a very light grey paint. 

once all the paint had dried i glued some window insulation foam around the inside of the cuffs. 

i stuck two lines of foam side by side to fill the space inside the cuffs. 

once i had my cuffs i decided to create a holster to hold them and hang them from the stormtrooper  belt. 
I stuck 3 A4 sheets together in e T shape as i didn't have any larger paper.

I drew out a net that would fold up and hold the cuffs.


 once i had the net correct taped it down onto some leather effect vinyl.
Then i cut out the shape from the vinyl. 

I marked out the fold lines and the stitching points. 

 i punched a small hole through the stitching points to make it easier when i came to sew it.

i cut Three strips, two long 11 inch ones and one 4.5 inches long and punched the holes needed to attach them all together.

After all the holes were punched i dyed the rear of all the parts to make them black as they were a light colour to start with.

using press studs and rivets i fixed all the parts together.

then i stitched the parts that fold round and hold the the cuffs in.

All finished.


  1. hi would you be willing to make 2 of these cuffs?
    pls email me back at ouderkirk442@gmail.com
    thank you

    1. Hi, i don't take commissions for props at the moment but you can buy the plans to make this prop from here : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/backwardslamb?section_id=13855135