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16 July 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw.

Lollipop Chainsaw Prop.

A film making friend of mine came to me and commissioned me to make him a Lollipop Chainsaw, at that point in time i had never heard of the game or seen anything about it.

So i set about goggling.

After a very strange 30 minuets of wondering around the strange part of the Internet i worked out i could do it and how to do it (roughly)

I found this pic on the google and it was a great start as it showed me exactly what i needed to make.

I also found a lot of pictures of the chainsaw being held by real people (cosplayers) but all of these were either real chainsaws that had been painted to look a little like the Lollipop chainsaw or they were cardboard boxes or the like.

I didn't want to make mine like that.

I found a great rear handle and top handle on the electronic bay.com which was a great base and structure of my chainsaw. I also got some blue insulation foam and a bike chain, this was my starting point.

Using the images i found i drew up some plans and cut them out to trace them onto the blue foam.

before cutting out the blue foam i tested the template inside the handle to make sure its the correct size. 

First i carved out the central section of the body.

Then i carved out the outside sections of the body.

Once the body had been complete i chamffered the edges of the body to match the images i found. 

Then to the process of painting and sanding and filling and sanding and painting and sanding and filling and sanding until the whole body is nice and smooth.

once i had the body completely smooth i could move onto the blade and the rest of the prop.

I used the plans i drew to get the blade cut out on a laser cutter.
The blade was three layers of 3mm acrylic. The central layer had pegs on to hole the bike chain in place while gluing, this was the make it more secure.

I drilled holes along each side of  the blade to add dome nuts. This was partly for decoration and partly to give the blade a little more strength.

A coat of grey primer on all parts helps you see where (if any) the imperfections are.  

I created two side panels that are for detailing. one is stuck to the body and the other isn't as the removable side will cover the holes where i will bolt the blade into the body.

I sprayed the dome nuts a bright pink and lacquered them with a matte spray.

I also sprayed the blade with a black spray.

Once the black had dried i masked off the top heart and sprayed it pink. Then i bolted the Pink dome nuts onto the blade.

Once the pink heart had dried i set about getting the chain stuck to the chainsaw bar.
I did this by doing half and half i spread epoxy along one side and placed the chain on and used tape to keep it in place.
Once the first half was set i did the same to the other side.

Once all the glue has set i had a finished blade.

I painted the body in three stages, first was to paint it black.

Then mask off the areas that are to be gold, then spray it gold. I masked and sprayed the side panel pink.

i took the tape off when the gold had fully dried. 

I repeated the process for the pink sections.

once all the paint had dried i added bolt heads for detailing.

While waiting for paint on things to dry i wrapped the top handle with a couple of layers of red electrical tape, i did it this way as the tape would be harder wearing than paint and i had doubts that the paint would take to the plastic handle any way.

I made some plastic detail parts. Two small twist knobs and one large one, a large turn switch, an air vent and a small slide switch. I painted them all a metallic silver grey. 

On one side of the blade at the body there is a small blade guard. The above picture shows the guard with a long rear section, i made it like this so i could cut it off is i needed to. turns out i needed to cut all the rear section off to fit it to the chainsaw.

I stuck all the detail parts onto the body and side panel of the saw.

I bolted the blade in by mounting two L brackets onto the handle which were inserted into the body. the blade was then placed inside the hole at the front of the body and i drilled through the L bracket and into the blade which in turn had bolts threaded through and tightened to give the blade full support.

I then filled the cavity that the blade is in with epoxy resin to give it some more stability.

Once the glue had set i set about weathering. i then covered the thing in blood!

Finished item.

The plans for this prop are for sale if you wish to purchase them please leave a message or contact me and i will reply with details.

****The plans are the only think regarding this product that is for sale. I am not taking commissions for the chainsaw. Sorry****


  1. Hello, I am very interested in purchasing the plans for this prop or even commissioning you to make it if you have the time. I cant figure how to reach you and I dont want to post my email addy here- so if its not too much trouble- please go to my website www.amaryllisruiz.com, click on the contact me tab and message me your info and pricing. Thanks so much!!


  2. Are you still doing these? If so I would love to talk to you about getting one! I wouldn't need it until next year, so I can work on saving up the amount needed for it! I saw one on a cosplay site where they're selling it for $199.95-- were you thinking a higher set price for yours?

    You can email me! :D Thanks so much!

  3. I've just noticed your comment above regarding comission, how much are the plans?