Hello, I am a maker of a wide variety of genres. I have worked as a Architectural model maker, designer, tool maker and graphic designer.

To view my online Photo Portfolio of my Architectural model making please go here.

This blog is where I document my personal and commission projects with photos and write ups.

Please read my about me page for contact info and how to enquire about commissions or plan purchases.

Plans for sale : here

My work in the media.

On this page i will post screen grabs from various media sources that have linked, referenced or featured my work in some way.

The links will take you to my original post of my work. 

Portal gun build. here

Prometheus Data Cube build. here

Adam Syringe Build. here

Alien face huger chocolate eggs.here

Levitating Death Star Build. here

Iron Man 3 Uni beam. here

Star Wars film cell display box. here

Grooms Man Gift Set. here

Custom Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru charred body figure. here





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