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23 February 2018

Crystal Chamber Reveal Lightsaber.

I have had a Graflex flash handle replica for well over ten years and back then i made a EL wire lightsaber and recently i dug it out and decided to make a nice crystal chamber reveal. (or at least i would try to do a nice crystal chamber reveal hilt, this is my attempt. )

The internals are made from brass discs, threaded road , brass washers and nuts and various electronics including LEDS and a sound board from etsy. 

Lightsaber with blade attached and the power off. 

Lightsaber with blade attached with the power on. (note the colour is not in anyway purple it is blue, but for some reason on this green background and my cameras oddness it has come out purple.)

Hilt opened and crystal revealed. 

Close up of the crystal. (again blue not purple) 
The crystal is made from a neutral quarts crystal.

Short video showing the operation of the hilt. 
There is a clash sensor in the sound board which causes all the LEDs to flash.