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26 January 2013

Terminator CPU brain chip.


Recently i was given a little glass dome as a gift and i wanted to make a little prop to go inside it.
The dome had the space for something about 8cm long, So i thought about what props i could make. 
I came to he conlution that the brain chip from terminator 2 would look good under the glass dome. 

So as usual i started by doing a little resarch on the old interwebs. 

i found a couple of screen grabs that have other stuff in the shot to give it scale.


from these i worked out the size and from other photos of licenced props (bad plastic recasts) i found i worked out the correct amount of cubes on the CPU.

so i drew up some plans on Illustrator and marked out where the damage on the broken chip would go.

After the plans were finished i cut out all the parts on a laser cutter.

With all the parts cut out i assembled the chips. 

i made enough parts to make a damaged chip and a complete chip.

After assembly i gave all the parts a coat of plastic primer. then the chips got a coat of brass/gold paint and the base discs got a coat of a metalic grey/silver.

after the gold and silver had dried i set about making the cubes on the CPU look like the photos. I mixed up two batches of a rust/brick red brown one slightly darker than the other. 

the lighter, more red paint went on the complete chip and the darker red/brown went on the damaged worn chip.

Once the brown paint had dried on the damaged chip i set about making it look more damaged/fire damaged/dirty.

i took a lighter with a large flame and melted/singed and just messed up the broken end of the chip.

Also with some brown and blacks i made it look rusty and dirty and weathered.

The base discs got the same weathering ttreatment. 

i made one look clean and one look old and rusty. 

these discs are based on the port that the chips are pulled out of inside the terminators head. 

i made a small wire section that would hold the chips up so they would be on show.

 I put the broken one in the glass dome as i wanted it to look like the one they stole from cyberdyne systems in the second film. 

Thanks for looking. 

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