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4 May 2020

Death Star Escape DVD (book) Nook

I have wanted to make a book nook for some time, so taking advantage of the lockdown situation where we are at the moment I decided to give one a go. 

I tried to think of things to make a d I have lots of ideas.
I settled with a Star Wars themed nook. 

Seeing as we have more Star Wars DVDs than books (of the same size that sit nicely together) I came to the conclusions that a DVD nook was what was called for. So here it is. 

I forgot to take progress shots of the making so you will just have to live with the finished item and a quick explanation of what I did. 

All the materials were ones I had in the house so there are probably ways to make it better, but I used what I had. 

I made the whole thing at an HO scale (1:87) as that the scale I like to work at. 

The outer box was made with 2mm headboard and just glued together with the top loose to allow for battery changing etc. It is held on with magnets. 

All the detail parts are 3D printed on my ender 3 in PLA and painted grey (as I only had white filament. 

The walls are angled to give an illusion of depth and to allow for lighting to go behind the panels to light up the details. 

The figures are HO figures cut up and customised to look like Luke and Leia swinging to freedom. 
The stormtrooper in the background is not too well made but his right back there so you can see how poor the details are. 

It’s about the width of 4 standard DVD cases. So it fits in our DVD rack with the prequels on one side and the original trilogy on the other. 

Any questions please ask.