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2 March 2018

Johnny Five Is Alive!

I recently purchased a model kit of the robot from the film short circuit. 

 This is how i got the kit from the website : wantedmall
lots of bits an no instructions what so ever. (this photo is from their website.) 

The kit is ok but the molds seem old and a bit tired so there is quite a bit of work involved to get it built and working properly. 
I also made myself a little butterfly for Johnny to look at. 
I dry built the kit (no glue) so i could take it apart for painting and tinkering. 

No Disassemble Johnny Five!  
So after i built him i took him apart again. 
I didnt take him apart fully i left him in as few parts as possible.
I masked off the bits that couldn't deal with paint. (electronics, lights and gears etc.) 
It was still quite a lot of bits! 
After  masking i painted the whole lot with a primer and then a metallic dark silver paint. i didn't think he should be painted chrome or bright silver so that's why i went with the dark silver.
  Again i rebuilt him into a few bigger parts and masked him off again, this time leaving just the parts that are to be metallic blue uncovered.
Now is the part that where i forgot to take photos..
After spraying the blue parts blue, I removed the masking and built johnny fully. 
i then used a few acrylic paints to do the details. black, brass, silver (chrome) and red. 
these details were found by looking at reference pics of the original robot from the films.
Below are some photos of my finished Johnny 5 robot. 

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