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4 March 2013

Tony starks Iron man Arc reactor VI

As you may have seen from other prop posts on here, i like making Arc reactors from the Iron man Films.

I have Previously made the first Arc here and I've also made whiplashes second Arc here

So this time I thought i would try and make the Iron man Arc reactor mk VI

So as always i started with a little google and found this rather nice screen grab of the arc.

Once I had an idea of what i wanted to make i did a little sketch of how I thought the layers would be best tackled and what thickness plastic i would be using.

once I had worked out the layering i drew up some plans in Illustrator.

Then when i had the plans finalised i cut them all out in 2mm plastic on a laser cutter.

I designed the arc to be made from 3 layers of 2 x 2mm plastic. each group would fit together and make the complete arc. 

So i glued the layers together into their groups.

I then put all the groups together to make sure that the design would work out right.

When i knew i had the design correct i gave all parts (except the clear sections) a coat of plastic primer paint.

Then just for fun i assembled them together again. i also cut a circle of translucent blue to try and give the arc the blue glow later on.

The Base and stand. 

I drew up some plans for the base that matched the film as close as i could garner. 

i cut the parts out and part assembled it and then painted them with a coat of plastic primer.

The parts that needed to be black i painted black.

I cut a disc of EL panel and placed it in the rear of the casing of the Arc. 

The image on the left is with the full blue disc in the Arc.  The image on the left is with the blue cut into a triangle (with a triangle in the centre cut out) to match the pattern of the arc.  

I gave all the parts a coat of metallic silver paint. Then I out it all together. 

i painted the base silver and glued it together.

The when it was all together and finished i placed the whole thing on a base that holds the batteries and driver for the EL panel. 

I designed the arc to be able to be removed from the base. as if it were going to be put on Iron mans chest.

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  1. You know that you showed files for it?
    Now somebody could make it and sell it.

    1. It's far from all the plans. I kept some off the blog so it would make it harder to do what you said. But people will still steal stuff no matter what you show or don't show.